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Welcome to Muffett Gears

We are leading experts in the manufacture and assembly of precision gears, gearboxes and other engineered components. Our flexible solutions are cost-effective, process-efficient and of the highest quality.

Precision and Excellence

With our own inspection department furnished with the latest in CMM machines and metrology equipment, we ensure our precision-engineering processes consistently conform to the highest industry standards.

Precision Gears

Our precision gear sizes range from 4mm P.C.D to 400mm P.C.D, with a module from 0.25 to 5.0. in any machinable material. Gears can be hobbed, shaped, skived or gear-ground if required. We specialise in gear cutting and gear assembly for applications ranging from cancer scanning machines to TV cameras and aircraft components.

Extreme Levels of Precision met with the most exacting quality standards

Quantity with no compromise on quality

Splined Gear Shafts

Muffett Gears manufactures splined shafts to diverse industries. We manufacture to tooth specifications including BS, JIS, DIN and ANSI, and can accommodate customers’ own specifications as well.

Gear Boxes & Sub Assemblies

We manufacture a range of standard and bespoke gearboxes and precision-engineered components (see Products) which include individual customer designs. Many of our customers use our gearboxes in their sub-assemblies which we build on their behalf. We can also provide a full assembly service.


Diversity and flexibility is essential to work across a vast range of industries and applications

Quality Accreditation

With our globally recognised accreditation, Muffett Gears provides quality management and extreme levels of precision demanded by customers operating under strict regulatory requirements, including in foreign markets. We can meet the highest standards required by aerospace, marine, medical and military applications, and ensure the whole process runs to the customer’s specified plan. As we increasingly manufacture for export, we can adapt our precision gear engineering to meet international standards.


Off Highway




We are proud to work across a vast range of industries and applications, supplying precision gears and electro-mechanical gear assembly to sectors such as aerospace, marine, medical and off-highway. Our team’s skill base and training, combined with a superb plant capacity, means we can work on an incredibly diverse range of projects – from recreation and entertainment – through to transport, research and even savings lives. We consult with our customers on product design to ensure the end result works perfectly and is cost-effective to produce.

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