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Quality & Precision

We pride ourselves in offering the best service possible and to provide our customers with product at competitive prices with 100% on time delivery. Our comprehensive quality management system is under constant review and we strive to continually improve all aspects of customer service.

Precision Engineering
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Quality Control

Product quality is of fundamental importance to all our clients and we work hard to stand above the crowd.

Manufacturing and assembly of precision gears demand extreme levels of precision that can only be met with the most exacting quality standards. Our belief is that simply meeting high standards isn’t nearly enough; lives can depend on our components and we always aim to exceed and excel.

Comprehensive inspection and testing is carried out on calibrated equipment to ensure compliance with the specification. First article inspection reports and test results /PPAP can be supplied if required


Quality accreditation

Our quality management system is fully compliant with, and accredited to both ISO 9001: 2015 and aerospace quality standard BS EN 9100: 2018

Our system seeks continual enhancement of customer satisfaction through ongoing appraisal and improvement of our staff, equipment, products and the quality management system itself.

State of the art inspection equipment includes both CMM and CNC dual flank gear testers guaranteeing our clients precision and perfection in gearing and a multitude of other components

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